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A Look at the Rich Culture and Heritage of Clan MacPherson


If you’re looking for the perfect Scottish gift, you’ve come to the right place! At Living Stone Gifts, we have a wide variety of items associated with Clan MacPherson. Before you make your purchase, let us take a moment to give you a little background information about the history and culture of this Scottish clan.


The MacPhersons are among the most popular clans in Scotland and have a long and rich history and culture. They trace their roots back to 12th century Scotland when they were found in the old province of Moray. From there, they spread across Scotland and are now found all over the world.


They were well known for their courage and loyalty both on and off the field of battle, gaining much respect from those around them. Of course, those traits can still be seen in many of today’s MacPhersons all over the world! Throughout their long history they’ve also contributed greatly to Scottish music and literature - not to mention to their homeland itself.


Let's dive deeper into what makes Clan MacPherson so special!

Overview of Clan MacPherson

The proud Clan MacPherson is one of the ancient clans of Scotland with a rich, centuries-old history. Founded in the 12th century, Clan MacPherson is one of the most renowned clans, having produced some of Scotland's greatest leaders, including Ewan MacPherson of Cluny and William Wallace's secretary, Andrew de Moray.


Today, Clan MacPherson continues its legacy of impressive accomplishments—from serving as a powerful clan to developing some of Scotland's most renowned monuments and cultural projects. From their gathering at Craigellachie in the Summer months to their vibrant tartan designs, Clan MacPherson has greatly contributed to Scotland's culture and heritage over the years.


For those looking for unique Scottish gifts—or simply wanting to explore their family's historical roots—investigating Clan MacPherson offers a fascinating journey into Scotland's past and present cultures.

Origins of the Clan MacPherson

Where did the Clan MacPherson come from? It's a story that stretches back to the 12th century and ties in closely with Scottish history.


The fate of the clan was closely linked to that of their homeland, known as Badenoch, located in Scotland’s rugged Highlands. It was here that they originated and remained until the 18th century when they were displaced due to a powerful uprising.


According to ancient legend, the Clan MacPherson was founded by Sheron, a son of the High King of Ireland. It is believed he descended from King Fergus II and other notable Gaelic rulers like King Kenneth MacAlpin.


In more recent times, these proud Scots have left their mark on Scotland's culture and heritage. From actively participating in Highland Games to serving in World War I, Clan MacPherson has been making a distinct impression for several centuries now.

Skills and Trades of the Clan MacPherson

Clan MacPherson has a long and varied history of trades, arts and crafts that have been passed down through the generations. From farming to weaving, Clan members have honed their skills in all sorts of pursuits.


### Farming:

Agriculture was an important economic activity for members of the Clan. Some of the earliest Clan members were farmers who specialized in raising sheep on their lands. This practice has continued through the centuries, as many modern Clan MacPhersons still work in agricultural fields today.


### Weaving:

Weaving was also an important skill for Clan MacPherson members. Tartan weaving was especially common throughout Scotland and many MacPherson families traditionally kept vast stores of yarn in colors associated with the MacPherson tartan and crest, which are symbols that can be seen today on Living Stone Gifts' MacPherson products.


### Blacksmiths:

Blacksmiths were another important craft among Clan MacPherson members, with many creating swords, horseshoes and other tools for use on farms and elsewhere. This skill has been passed down through generations as well, as some modern-day blacksmiths still make items inspired by Scottish heritage - including items like letter openers and knives with handles featuring the heraldic colors of the Clan's tartan.

The Tartan and Crest of the Clan MacPherson

The MacPherson tartan and crest is an important part of Clan MacPherson's history and heritage. The tartan, made up of blue- and green-striped cloth, has become a recognizable symbol of the clan. The crest includes a brown hand holding a claymore, with the phrase "Touch Not The Cat But A Glove". This phrase is believed to have originated from an ancient proverb warning against angering an enemy.


While the tartan and crest may have been created centuries ago, they remain an important part of Clan MacPherson's identity today. As a result, you can find plenty of options when it comes to items featuring the tartan or crest at Living Stone Gifts. From t-shirts to mugs to decorative plates, there is something for everyone who wants show their love for the Clan MacPherson heritage.

The Motto and War Cry of the Clan MacPherson

The Clan MacPherson's motto is "Touch not the cat but a glove," which is believed to refer to the wildcat being an emblem of the clan. The Clan MacPherson also has a war cry, which is “Buaidh no Bas,” which translates as ‘Victory or Death!’


The war cry was first used in the Battle of Invernahavon in 1437 and it has been used to rally the clan ever since. The wildcat remains an important part of the culture and heritage of Clan MacPherson, and is often found on their traditional tartan and crest gifts.

Iconic Characters From Clan MacPherson

Clan MacPherson has a long and illustrious history, filled with characters that embody the proud and noble spirit of Scotland. From military commanders to presidents, Clan MacPherson has had its share of iconic people.


### John MacArthur

John MacArthur was a major commander in the Highland Jacobite Uprising of 1745, and is widely remembered for his bravery and determination. He led the MacPhersons with distinction in the battles of Prestonpans and Falkirk before being shot in the leg during the final battle at Culloden. He was captured and exiled to South Carolina, but later returned to Scotland after being pardoned by King George II.


### William McGillivray

William McGillivray was a successful fur trader and entrepreneur who moved to Montreal after emigrating from Scotland. His business acumen turned him into a wealthy man, eventually becoming one of the founders of The North West Company - one of Canada's most prominent fur trading companies.


### William Paton MacPherson

William Paton MacPherson was a renowned doctor and surgeon who treated wounded soldiers during World War I. He served with distinction both in Europe and on the Western Front, earning numerous medals including The Order of St John and The Legion d’Honneur for his service.


The history of Clan MacPherson is rich in culture and heritage, and the history shared by its members is just as fascinating. From their lyrical mottos and powerful crests to their unique tartan plaids and colorful tartan kilts, Clan MacPherson carries forth a proud tradition of Scottish history and culture. If you’re looking to celebrate or represent the MacPherson heritage, consider investing in a MacPherson tartan kilt, a MacPherson plaid tie, or a MacPherson crest pin to honor the legacy of this Scottish clan. Whether you’re a MacPherson clan member or looking for the perfect Scottish gift, Living Stone Gifts has everything you need to keep the spirit of Clan MacPherson alive.

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