Scotland's Historic Clans: Where to Find Them & What to Know

Scotland's Historic Clans: Where to Find Them & What to Know


Did you know that many parts of Scotland are still divided into historic clans? It's incredible to think about the clans and how their influence has spread across the centuries. Whether you're an avid genealogy enthusiast or just curious about Scotland's history, it's fascinating to know what clan your ancestors belonged to.


If you're thinking of exploring your Scottish ancestry and looking for gifts associated with the clans, you've come to the right place! We here at Living Stone Gifts specialize in products related to Scottish clans and ancestry. Here we'll take a look at some of Scotland's most popular clans, their locations and histories, as well as our top 20 list of Scottish clan-related products.

What Are Scotland's Top 20 Clans?

Have you ever wondered about your Scottish roots? If so, then you've likely heard of Scotland's famous clans. Many people tracing their ancestry can be traced back to one of the country's Top 20 clans.


These clans were instrumental in shaping the country's history, culture, and customs. Here are a few of the clans that made it to the Top 20 list:


* Clan Campbell - known for their loyalty to Scotland and the royal family; located on the shores of Loch Awe in Argyll.

* Clan Chattan - originating from Inverness and parts of Perthshire; they are recognized by their iconic tartan pattern.

* Clan Gordon - one of the largest clans in Scotland; they are known for producing some of its most famous writers, actors, and artists.

* Clan Keith - originally from Aberdeenshire; this clan is said to have been founded by a Flemish knight named Herluin de Vaux who settled in Scotland in 1067.


Explore more about these popular clans, as well as additional top twenty clans such as Clan MacLeod, Clan Irvine, and Clan Napier, to learn more about what makes each clan distinct and unique.

Discovering Your Scottish Heritage

If you’re interested in discovering your Scottish heritage, there are a few ways to go about it. You can start by researching the various clans and septs (or families) that make up Scotland’s rich history. Many of these clans have their own tartans, mottos, and crests, so you can easily find one that suits your interests.


To get a better understanding of the clans and their origins, check out The Scottish Clan Map. It lists the top 20 clans in Scotland and includes each clan’s location, history, motto, crest, and much more. You can also locate tartan suppliers who provide everything from kilts to clan badges as well as authentic Highland dress from places like Edinburgh Castle, Culloden Battlefield and Stirling Castle.


By looking into the clans of Scotland you are sure to uncover a unique part of your heritage that you may never have known existed!

Which Scottish Clan Crests & Tartans Are Popular?

If you're looking to represent your Scottish heritage, here are the top clan crests and tartans to consider:


1. MacGregor Clan — This iconic crest features two lions rampant, symbolizing a strength and power, and is one of the most popular among Scots. The crest also includes a boar's head with a broken tusk, which denotes an appreciation for justice. The tartan of the MacGregor Clan includes shades of black, green and yellow in varying plaids.


2. MacKenzie Clan — This crest features a bull's head with the motto “Manu forti” which translates to “with strong hand” in Latin. Representing strength and courage, this crest is a favorite among Scots. The tartan has golden yellow, red and green colors that are easy to recognize in any setting.


3. MacLeod Clan — This clan crest has three red lions passant guardant on a gold background with the motto “Hold Fast” underneath it. The tartan for this clan is made up of differing shades of green which represent the Highlands of Scotland where the MacLeods are from.


4. Fraser Clan — This clan has another popular crest featuring three holly leaves on a rock with an eagle perched atop it surrounded by thistles representing Scotland’s national flower as well as resilience in times of adversity. The Fraser tartan features purple hues intertwined with blue, green and gold colors as well as white streaks representing sea foam inspired by the Fraser presence near the coastlines in Scotland.

Celebrating Clan Festivals, Highland Games & Gatherings in Scotland

Did you know that Scotland's clans still come together to celebrate the traditions and heritage of their ancestors? While the gatherings may look a little different these days, they remain an important part of Scotland's culture.


The Festivals of the Clans is a celebration of Scottish culture, held on Loch Lomond Shores. This event features storytelling, music and dance performances from people coming from all parts of Scotland.


Highland Games are another way to experience Scottish culture. These occur throughout summer and offer many activities such as tug-o-war, tossing the caber, hammer throwing, Highland dancing, piping competitions and more!


Gatherings for certain clans are also held throughout Scotland. For example, the Clan Gordon gathering will feature live Scottish music at Gordon Castle in Fochabers. A Clan MacLeod gathering will be held in Trotternish on Skye Island and a Clan Campbell event will be held at Inveraray Castle where visitors can take walking tours to learn more about their history.


These events celebrate the rich tapestry of Scotland's clans — why not join them? Living Stone Gifts has all the apparel you need to show off your pride in your heritage and make a statement at these events!

Where to Buy Unique Gifts From Scotland’s Clans

When it comes to buying unique, ancestral gifts from Scotland’s historic clans, look no further than Living Stone Gifts. Here, you’ll find an array of items for every member of your family — from shirts and blankets to bumper stickers and license plates — all prominently featuring one of Scotland’s clans.


Outfit yourself, your family and your home with clan-inspired apparel and accents:

* Shirts – Choose from t-shirts and long sleeve shirts featuring all 20 of Scotland’s top clans.

* Blankets – Snuggle up in a blanket featuring the tartan pattern of your clan

* Bumper Stickers – Show off your heritage everywhere you go with authentic bumper stickers

* License Plates – Prove who you are proud to be with one of our custom license plates

* Hoodies – Look great while keeping warm in a hoodie adorned with the symbol of your Scottish ancestry

* Clocks – Add a classic touch to any room with a wall clock bearing the tartan pattern of one of Scotland’s top clans.


No matter what type of gift you’re looking for, Living Stone gifts has something special to offer everyone who wants to show their pride in their Scottish ancestry.

Joining the Scottish Diaspora Abroad

For those of Scottish descent, the clans provide an invaluable connection to the past. Joining one of the registered clans is a great way to stay connected with Scotland's culture, heritage and traditions, even from thousands of miles away.


The Scottish Diaspora Abroad consist of more than 6 million people all over the world who trace their family's lineage back to Scotland. This vibrant community can be found sharing and preserving their culture in cities like Sydney, Paris and New York.


Whether you're just curious about your roots or looking for a clan to call your own, there are plenty of ways to join in on Scotland's culture from abroad. Here are just a few:

1. Connect with other members through online resources like or ClanFinder

2. Attend cultural events like Highland Games or Celtic Festivals

3. Participate in interactive activities such as ceilidh dancing or Gaelic language courses

4. Buy scottish ancestry gifts such as clan shirts, blankets, bumper stickers, license plates, hoodies, clocks or even hats featuring your clan's crest or motto!


No matter where you live in the world today, you can always find a way to keep Scotland close to your heart!


Understanding Scotland's clans is an intrinsic part of grasping Scotland's history and cultural identity. Whether you have ancestral ties to these iconic clans or have simply admired them from afar, exploring Scotland's clans can be a truly moving experience. From examining the colorful clan badges to attending Highland Games and Clan Gatherings, there are so many ways to discover the stories and culture of Scotland's past.


For those looking for a meaningful connection to Scotland's heritage, Living Stone Gifts specializes in high-quality,  clan crest products that make the perfect memento or gift for yourself or a loved one. With a wide selection of clan crests from each of Scotland's historic clans, these pieces of Scottish history can be passed down for generations to come.

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