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True Heritage: A Look at Scotland's Rich Tartan History


If you’re looking for a beautiful tribute to Scotland’s rich heritage, then tartan is the way to go. You may have seen tartan used for kilts, but it has a much deeper history in Scotland. In fact, a look into the history of tartan reveals some very interesting tidbits that are worth exploring.


Tartan has been an integral part of Scottish culture for centuries, and is recognized as a symbol of strength and heritage all over the world. It’s no surprise that when it comes to gifting something special to honor Scotland’s unique culture, tartan tops the list.


Let’s take you on a journey through time and explore Scotland's intriguing tartan history. Join me as we uncover the origins of this timeless fabric and learn why it is considered to be such an important part of Scottish culture.

An Overview of Tartan History in Scotland

Tartan is deeply entwined in Scotland's history. It has not only been a source of pride for Scots—it's also an enduring symbol of their culture and heritage. The fabric is associated with clans, families, and regions, making it one of Scotland's most cherished traditions.


In its earliest form, tartan was a simple check pattern woven from wool in natural colors. Over time, the craft evolved and tartan patterns became more complex, as weavers experimented with colors and different weaving methods to create new designs.


Nowadays tartan is recognized around the world as a symbol of Scotland’s rich heritage. It’s used to make everything from classic kilt outfits to stylish accessories like scarves and sashes. Whether you’re looking for something to keep you warm on a cold winter’s day or a unique gift for someone special, tartan is the perfect way to show your appreciation for Scottish heritage!

Who Wore What Tartan?

Tartan has long been associated with Scotland and its culture, with various clans having their own patterns that distinguished them from one another. While highland dress was mostly of solid colors, such as green or red, until the nineteenth century, a long history of tartan still existed.


For example, the Macdonalds of Clanranald are known to have had a red and blue tartan as early as 1568, while the Campbells had their iconic yellow and black tartan in 1505. The tartans of Clan Sutherland and MacKenzie date back even further than this, to 1493 and 1471 respectively.


Today, different tartans are worn for different occasions. A modern kilt will generally be made from more muted hues and subtler patterns than formal clan weaves. Plus, many people choose to wear ancient family tartans regardless of modern clan affiliations – for instance, someone whose family may have originally hailed from Scotland may honor that heritage by wearing a proudly traditional pattern.

The Development of Clan Tartans

For hundreds of years, the tartan, a type of patterned cloth, has become an essential part of Scottish culture and tradition. It is believed that tartan was first developed by the Celts more than two thousand years ago. In its simplest form, a tartan is simply a pattern created by stripes in different colors and widths that cross over each other in certain patterns.


With the emergence of Scotland's clans during the Middle Ages, however, tartan took on a whole new meaning. Each clan developed its own unique coloring, weaving and patterning to represent their identity and heritage, creating the clan Tartans we know and love today.


The variety of clan tartans available today is remarkable; Living Stone Gifts offers personalized items in more than 175 different tartans for customers looking to proudly display their Scottish heritage!

How to Wear and Display Tartan

If you're looking to bring a little tartan into your life, there are plenty of ways to show off your Scottish pride. Here are a few tips on how to wear and display tartan while still being respectful of traditions:


### Kilt-style Clothing

The most traditional way to wear plaid is in the form of a kilt. Kilts come in a variety of styles, depending on the clan from which the pattern originates. However, if you plan on wearing a kilt traditionally, this means choosing a tartan specific to your clan and having it tailored for you.


### Tartan-Patterned Clothing

For those who want something a bit less formal, modern tartans make great statements pieces in any wardrobe. From jackets and jeans to ties and scarves, there are many ways to show off some Scottish style without being too costume-y.


### Home Decor

Tartan-patterned blankets make great additions to any living room or bedroom. Throw pillows are also popular housewarming gifts and make a nice addition to any couch or bedspread. Of course, if you're looking for something more permanent, you can always choose pre-made furniture upholstered with your favorite tartan pattern!

The Tradition of Scottish Gifts With Tartan

The allure of Scottish tartan has been apparent for centuries, but if you're looking to buy something special for a loved one, it can be difficult to find a timeless item that symbolizes your connection to Scotland. The perfect answer: a gift featuring tartan - something uniquely Scottish that will be cherished for generations.


Living Stone Gifts has you covered with our selection of exquisite traditional tartan gifts. We've got something for everyone, from t-shirts and hoodies, to mugs, blankets and more. Each item is made with quality materials and true Scottish craftsmanship - and best of all, every piece can be personalized with your choice of tartan pattern.


So whatever the occasion - birthday or holiday - get someone special in your life something extraordinary with a gift from Living Stone Gifts. You'll be sure to deliver smiles that last long after the wrapping paper has been discarded!

Shopping for Creative, Modern Stirring Gifts

When you're looking for a unique, creative way to express your love of Scotland's tartan heritage, Living Stone Gifts offers a variety of modern and fun ways to show off your clan's colors. From traditional tartan t-shirts and hoodies to more creative mugs, blankets and stoles, we've got something for every fan of Scotland's proud heritage.


Take advantage of our customization options to get something truly special. Add your own family crest or clan badge to any product in our store, or personalize with names, dates or special messages. And with each purchase you make, Living Stone Gifts donates 10% of the proceeds directly to preservation projects dedicated to protecting Scotland's vibrant culture and history.


Whether as a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, Living Stone Gifts provides the perfect way to commemorate your connection with Scotland's amazing legacy. Celebrate the present and honor the past when you choose our tartan products today!


Whether you're buying a gift for a special occasion or for yourself, True Heritage, Scotland's rich tartan history, is sure to provide you with all of the information you need to choose the perfect family tartan. With its intricate designs and unique stories, tartan has been a cherished symbol of heritage and pride for centuries. When you select a tartan, you're able to keep the tradition alive and honor your family's heritage. No matter what tartan you choose, you can be sure that you are honoring the long, storied history of Scotland's tartan culture. So, go ahead and show off your family pride with a classic tartan design.

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