Uncovering the Splendid History of Clan Boyd

Uncovering the Splendid History of Clan Boyd


Have you ever wanted to know the hidden history behind your name? Maybe you suspect there's a story behind your family tree that hasn't been told in generations. If you're looking to uncover the splendid history of an old clan, then Clan Boyd can prove to be an interesting story.


In this article, we'll be diving into the historical wonder of Clan Boyd - their tartan and crest, motto included. As one of the oldest clans in Scotland, Clan Boyd has established itself as one of the most powerful and influential clans throughout history and their legacy still stands strong today.


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Who Are Clan Boyd?

Clan Boyd is an ancient Scottish clan that proudly traces its history all the way back to 1093, when Sir Robert de Boyd was granted lands in Renfrew. Today, they are one of the most widely-recognized and respected clans in Scotland, still keeping its traditions alive.


The clan first settled in Ayrshire, and later spread further south into Kilmarnock and Cathcart. It is believed that the name Boyd is derived from "MacCulloch Boyde", a title which was taken from their founder's father-in-law MacCulloch, who himself was descended from Norse settlers.


Clan Boyd has several iconic symbols, such as a tartan of white and yellow stripes, and a boar's head crest bearing the motto “Confido” (“I trust”). These are all important parts of the clan's history and each hold deep meaning for members of Clan Boyd. The tartan reflects the rich heritage and strength of the Scots, while the boar’s head crest symbolizes courage and leadership—two key values that have helped define Clan Boyd since its founding.

Origins and History of Clan Boyd

Clan Boyd has a long and fascinating history of aristocratic heritage. The origins of this illustrious Scottish clan can be traced back to the 12th century when a man named Simon, son of Robert de Boind (Boyd), is said to have saved King David of Scotland from an attacker. In return, he earned the title of Lord of Kilmarnock and subsequently became the progenitor of Clan Boyd.


The Boyd coat of arms includes a blue shield with an ermine field and three red chevrons on it. The crest is a golden sun rising above a hillock between two laurel branches, with the Latin motto Confido ("I Trust") perched beneath it. The tartan pattern is green, blue, yellow and white, but there are variations such as the Ancient Boyd Tartan which is predominately black and green.


For centuries, Clan Boyd has been an integral part of Scotland's history due to their strong sense of identity and proud heritage. Today they are widely recognized around the world by those looking to buy Scottish gifts or celebrate their Scottish ancestry—all thanks to the proud traditions established by their ancestors centuries ago.

The Boyd Tartan and Crest

Discovering Clan Boyd's tartan and crest can be an exciting experience. Tartan is the unique pattern that identifies each Scottish clan, and the Boyd tartan is particularly striking with its distinct color scheme of black, green and gold. The colors signify strength and courage, while the design honors their family history.


The Boyd crest also carries a significant meaning, as it symbolizes the family's long-standing position in Scottish society. With a lion's head at the center of its design, it represents courage, strength and loyalty - perfect for someone looking to honor their heritage with a meaningful gift from Living Stone Gifts!


On top of that, Clan Boyd’s motto - “confido” or “I trust” - speaks volumes about their commitment to standing by each other in times of need.


These distinguishing symbols make Clan Boyd tartan items from Living Stone Gifts a wonderful way to show reverence for your roots or give someone special a heartfelt reminder of their heritage!

Notable People From Clan Boyd

The Boyd family tree is filled with a long list of notable people, from famous historical figures all the way to modern-day celebrities.


### William Boyd

William Boyd was a wealthy merchant and landowner in the late 17th century, who organized the transportation of Ulster Scots to America. His name is recorded in colonial records in Virginia and Pennsylvania, and he is credited as being a major contributor to early Scottish-American history.


### Robert Boyd

Robert Boyd was an esteemed Brigadier General during the American Revolutionary War. He fought bravely at several battles, such as Cowpens and Guilford Courthouse, where he was wounded three times before returning to Scotland after the war's conclusion. He was rewarded with a knighthood for his courage and loyalty.


### Eamonn Boyd

Eamonn Boyd was the 8th Lord of Kilmarnock from 1714 -1730. During his rule he worked to make Kilmarnock one of the most important towns in Ayrshire through ambitious construction projects such as bridges, highways and new buildings; most notably a new bridge over Doon water that is still standing today.


Keep your eyes peeled for some of these names when you’re looking at Clan Boyd gifts from Living Stone Gifts!

Where Can I Buy Scottish Gifts Associated With Clan Boyd?

If you’re looking to buy gifts to show your pride in Clan Boyd, you’ll be pleased to find a wide selection of items available. Living Stone Gifts is an online Scottish gift shop, offering a variety of items associated with Clan Boyd and the tartan, crest and motto which define the clan.


You can find several unique items, such as:

* Mugs and glasses featuring the clan crest

* Pendants engraved with the clan motto

* T-shirts and sweatshirts with the Boyd tartan

No matter what type of gift you choose, it is sure to bring out your inner Scotsman!


So, what have we discovered about Clan Boyd? Their colorful tale of valor and courage runs for centuries and the possibilities for those wishing to pay homage to their heritage are vast. From Highland dress to gorgeous tartan and crest designs, modern gift-seekers have abundant options when it comes to celebrating their Scottish roots. This is especially true now that Tartan Day is celebrated around the world. As the Boyd motto has stated for many years, "Confido" - I trust.


After reading this history lesson, anyone with their roots linked to the Boyd family can rest assured that they share a piece of a treasured and noble legacy. With bold symbols and immortal words, the Clan wears its pride with honor. Whether it’s through the range of items offered at Living Stone Gifts or any other form of expression, the glorious past of Clan Boyd lives on.

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